perjantaina, marraskuuta 20, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Almost grey

Sometimes it is just grey... or almost grey.

More pictures from Skywatch Friday.

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J Bar kirjoitti...

The grey mixes well with the colour.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Lorac kirjoitti...

I enlarged the pic. It is really nice. You can't see the water in the background too well until it is enlarged. Thanks for sharing.

Debra kirjoitti...

I love the slight hint of pink in the sky! Nice shot!

~Cheryl kirjoitti...

Perfect photo for Sky Watch! You found some really nice colors in the grey. Have a great weekend

Vaiheinen kirjoitti...

J Bar,
Thanks. Sometimes grey is fine colour.

Yes. There is water in this picture. If you enlarge picture, you can see also some flames which comes from Porvoo refinery.

Thanks. Gery with some kind of red or pink is sometimes quite nice combination.

Thanks. I wish you will have also good and inspiring weekend.

Serendipity kirjoitti...

Love the shot!

Joops kirjoitti...

Gorgeous shot!

My Sky Watch Friday

AL kirjoitti...

It's grey but very nice to look at.

fickleinpink kirjoitti...

grey...and beautiful!

Come and visit my piece of sky if you have the time!

life's beautiful!have a great day!

Bill S. kirjoitti...

I love the mixtures of colors in your picture. thanks.

nonizamboni kirjoitti...

Gorgeous sky mixed with pink...I think that makes it even nicer when the skies are so bland this time of year. Nicely done!

NovaS kirjoitti...

looks like your in a paradise... love your shot...

Vaiheinen kirjoitti...

Serendipity, Joops,

Grey could be nice sometimes. It is colour of November.

Grey is beatuful sometimes. You have also very nice shot of grey:-)

Bill S.,
Thanks. Mixtures are interesting.

This time of year grey is quite usual, but there is some nice mixtures.

Thanks. Well... maybe it looks like that, but it isn't:-)

eileeninmd kirjoitti...

You do have some pretty pink mixed in with your grey sky. Happy skywatching.

Vaiheinen kirjoitti...

Thanks. Sometimes pink is beautiful :-)

AKO kirjoitti...

This is a most pinkish grey!. :) Nice!

Vaiheinen kirjoitti...

:-) Thanks. Pinkish grey is sometimes possible.